Our third installment of the F3 Series is underway!

 Take a look our agenda below:

In this episode of the F3 series we’ll be talking to Dr Max Roderick who spent both an F3 and F4 working as a Doctor in Australia. During this time he spent a year working as an SHO in Emergency Medicine in Brisbane, before travelling around Australia working as a locum doctor.

He’ll be sharing what it’s like to work in Australia, how to get a job, the process of registering with the medical board, how to obtain a visa, and the costs involved.

He’ll also be sharing his experience of locuming in Australia and his top tips for getting the most out of your Australian F3.

For our Locum F3 talk, we have 2 fantastic doctors signed up to share their experience!

First we have Dr Wilem Fields-Jewell, an F4 doing a locum year at the Royal Derby Hospital in General Medicine and the Coronary Care Unit. Prior to this, he did an F3 junior clinical fellowship in various different medical specialties, so will compare life as a ‘JCF’ to life as a locum, and explain why he decided to locum for his second year out of training.

Then, we have our very own Dr Saajan Basi, former Clinical Leadership and Innovation Fellow (Imperial NHS Foundation Trust), who did an F4 locum year in Derbyshire and the surrounding areas. He will talk about he managed to get experience in his locum year to support his IMT applications, for which he was successful!

In this episode we will be joined by Dr Charlotte Eggleston who will be talking about her experience working as an F3 Dr in a Hospice as a Palliative Care Teaching Fellow and her F4 role as a 50:50 Clinical Teaching Fellow in Acute Medicine.

If you’re considering a surgically themed F3 year Dr Rachael O’Hare will be talking about her F4 year as a Junior Clinical Fellow in General Surgery.

In this episode of the F3 series we’ll be talking to Dr Edward Luff who has worked as both an 80/20 and 50/50 Clinical Teaching Fellow in the Severn Deanery and Dr Alok Matthew who is working as an Anatomy Demonstrator with the University of Leicester.

They’ll be sharing their advice and top tips for undertaking a teaching F3 including how they secured their F3 position, what the job involves day-to-day, the benefits of pursuing medical education and what you can do to get the most out of a teaching F3.