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"It feels so good to be a part of supporting doctors in making positive life decisions, and I think the F3 Series you've created is just amazing for that."
Dr. Saskia Loysen


At The Portfolio Clinic we are committed to delivering high quality online content through our partners at MedAll.

We are currently recruiting speakers for the 23/24 academic year. We plan to deliver two video-podcast series’ over the year, each with a number of episodes showcasing different F3 options. And this year – we are introducing our new ‘Specialty Showcase’! Each month we will explore different specialties and how to maximise the portfolio to secure a position in that specialty. 

 To get an idea of how our webinars run, take a look at our catch-up content on MedAll.

All our speakers get a certificate of recognition for their international presentation. If you are interested at speaking at an International Education event, then sign up here! 

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