Our Ambassadors

Dr. Rachael O'Hare

Lead Ambassador

Hello, I am an F5 Doctor currently taking a break from clinical work and travelling across South East Asia whilst bringing you this years F3 series! I spent my F3 year as an 80/20 Clinical Teaching Fellow in Severn and F4 as a General Surgery Clinical Fellow in Wales. As an undergraduate I met many junior doctors who decided to take years out of training to peruse a whole range of jobs & career breaks and knew this was the route I would take in order to build my CV towards a career in Medical Education. Working as an F3/4 I’ve had many colleagues ask about my experience and the pros/cons of each role to help in the planning their own F3 year.

The fantastic F3 series highlights the variety of opportunities available, normalises alternative training routes and career breaks, and can help answer all those questions about planning an F3! With the Ambassador team, this year we are planning to expand the showcase further, providing even more tips on F3 applications, including interview questions, and a ‘Day in the Life’ blog series to help you choose your perfect F3+ year.

Dr. Eleanor Lidgate


Hello, I am a IMT trainee working in Cambridge. I spent my F3 and F4 years (2020-2022) living and working in Australia. During this time, I spent 12 months in a busy inner-city A+E and then I spent 6 months locuming and travelling all around Australia. 

When I was looking at options for my F3 year, I found information regarding different opportunities hard to come by and with not enough real-life experiences. I think the F3 series is a brilliant way to showcase all the different options out there, and in one place. 

As part of the ambassador team, I hope to bring you a varied and informative F3 series, including the practical advice you need so you can get the F3 that you want!

Dr. Holly Myers


I’m currently on my F3 year doing a junior clinical and teaching fellow in trauma and orthopaedics. The F3 year and is a tricky period for most – deciding between job types, job locations, and even if taking that year is right for you. The portfolio clinic helped me navigate some of these decisions, so I decided to take on the role of ambassador to help develop the necessary work they’re doing.

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