A virtual portfolio development clinic for 
junior doctors

Bringing open-access peer mentorship across a virtual platform to help support the NHS workforce

What our free service offers

You can be registered for our free mentorship programme within minutes.

Initial Consultation

A member of our team will talk you through the mentorship process and prepare you for your first clinic.

Portfolio Clinics

An allocated mentor will provide personalised, practical and goal orientated feedback on your portfolio, helping you to identify key areas for professional development.

Interview Clinics

One-to-one preparation for specialty interviews. Our mentors will provide you with useful tips to help you stand out from the crowd. 

The Mentorship Process

We understand the challenges junior doctors face in their initial foundation years and when applying for specialty posts across the country. Our virtual clinics support you in your professional and clinical development, helping you to achieve your short and long term goals.


To break down the barriers that junior doctors face globally in accessing careers guidance through personalised, practical and goal-orientated mentorship.

"Very personal feedback has helped me develop my portfolio and understand its current strengths and weaknesses."
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Specialty Mentee
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To create equitable access to career development globally for junior doctors with the vision of promoting fulfilment and empowerment. In doing so, eliminate career uncertainty as a cause of burnout and its contribution to NHS workforce pressures.

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Why Us?

We are the first organisation to attempt one-to-one mentorship for doctors using a symbiotic near-peer model. 

The degree of personalisation that our mentors provide through their clinics is beyond that of any other professional/portfolio development courses currently on the market.